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6mm 284
John's signature caliber is a 6mm 284.

It's like a great big turbo charged 22-250.
-Paul Hawkins, Pueblo, Colorado

Possibly the best all around rifle caliber for the three species found in Southeast Colorado: coyote, pronghorn, and mule deer.

custom .243 built on Winchester model 70
Custom .243 Winchester 70 built for Steve Eams.

200 yard group with 105 A-Max shot by Steve Eams with the .243 Winchester 70 pictured above.

Thank you for another great shooter!
-Steve Eams, F-Class competitor, Roy, Utah

custom carbon wrap on a sporter barrel
A custom carbon wrap on a sporter barrel.

For Glenn Bernard, long-range rifle competitor.

custom cerakote finish
Custom floorplate Cerakote finish to match an Edge.

For Mike Robino, avid sportsman and hunter from Montana.

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